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9th November 2018

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What People Say

What people are saying about Introvert Success Initiative and the Introvert Success Courses


Sarah M. Calgary, AB

Working with Janna I was able to explore my questions, issues, and self in a way that sparked immense growth. I am an INFJ and I felt her approach was very complimentary to how I function. I’ve often been the counselor in my relationships and having the opportunity to explore my feelings out loud was comforting and helped me bring new ideas in to contemplate later. She asks the right questions to facilitate inner growth and does it in such a way that feels supportive and gentle. I would highly recommend her for coaching sessions as she is incredibly
knowledgeable. I started our sessions without confidence in much of my life. I felt non-functional in many ways and now I feel the confidence to go into the world and tackle anything. The inner parenting journey is essential to growing up. Thank you, Janna.



Merja has been an inspiration to me from the time we met and I enjoy all of her work. The Introvert Summit helped me find my motivation again to keep working towards accomplishing my own goals and dreams.


R.W. NSW, Australia

“I really want you to know how much you have changed my life. Your teachings are truly amazing, I wish they taught me this stuff in school. I’ve never felt more me!”



“I had no idea how unaware of myself I was till I met you. Things make sense to me now, my past, my present, relationships & I’m able to understand myself, feel my feelings and cope with life in general.”


J.S., Denver, USA

“Your programs have helped me to experience deep internal transformation that has translated to positive changes in my external world as well. Your work has changed me from feeling paralyzed, stuck in victimhood to someone who is hopeful about the future ahead and stepping out of my comfort zone in ways I would never have imagined. I am now actively working towards my purpose and experiencing such richness in my relationships with others.”


L.T. NSW, Australia

I am gradually shedding the people in my life who create drama and negativity, who try to project their insecurities onto me – I now have the tools to see them and prevent them from making an impact on my life (or as big an impact) – this is very empowering.”


L.L., USA.

“I feel like I am finally home. I’ve tried so many different things over the years, many of them effective, but nothing, and no one, has taken me as profoundly to what feels like my core issues as you. And on top of those insights, you provide tangible and practical suggestions for how to work with issues for real change, which I’m already seeing in myself and in my outside life. I’m so grateful to be on this amazing adventure!”


L.G. Zurich, Switzerland

“If I had known about your teachings as a teenager, I would have had a happier life. But thank heavens I know about it now. I’m 49 and I’ve never been more in charge of my life and my future. I love your work, it has given me another chance. Thank you.”

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