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The idea of Introvert Success Initiative (ISI) was born in March 2017, when I attended training with a group of my own mentors. For a really long time, I had been bothered by the rah-rah approach of the personal development industry that seemed to be more concerned about how much money the teachers could make out of their clients, rather than truly embracing the verifiable amount of results that the clients were having with their coaches and mentors. I had also grown tired of hype marketing and workshops that focused on bringing the energy up at the events, rather than putting in place systems that allowed the participants to continue to funnel their natural energy to their work long after the high of the workshop had worn off.

In short, I had had enough of buying yet another program at the event that I was now left to implement on my own. Why couldn't we study great material from the comfort of our own homes with an option of group or 1-2-1 mentoring with the teacher as well? Why do we have to go to these events and just blend in with 100s or 1000s of other people as a faceless mass and be talked at? I wanted something more. I wanted respectful, authentic mentoring, coaching and training to become the norm in the industry, where investment in yourself was based on actual results, not sales psychology. No more rah-rah for me, thank you very much.

That's when I came up with the concept of Introvert Success Initiative: Individual empowerment, global collaboration. ISI would be leading the way in tapping into the rich world of introspection and giving it a solid, organised and authentic voice in the outside world, so that future generations would no longer be reliant on high energy excitement eventually leading to burnout and instead, would learn to embrace more real, solid and sustainable personal growth as the norm. It's time to bring out the dormant inner genius and let the world really benefit from your gifts and insights.

So, that is what we are here to do: to show you how to slow things down so that you can jump off the carousel that is spinning way too fast and onto a path that is solid, clear, sustainable and truly authentic for you.

It's a pleasure to have you join us.

Merja Sumiloff, Senior Managing Partner.

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Who We Are

Welcome to The Introvert Success Initiative!

We are here to present individual empowerment for introverts around the world. Let us show you how to bring out your dormant inner genius and get onto a growth path that is clear, sustainable and truly authentic for you.

With us, you can study great material from the comfort of your own home, as well as participate in global collaboration with an option of group or 1-2-1 mentoring with our teachers.

We are leading the way in tapping into the rich world of introspection and giving it an organized and authentic voice in the outside world. We thrive on making solid and sustainable personal growth as the norm and invite you to invest in yourself for real and profound results.

The Introvert Success Initiative (ISI) is a hub where people who identify as introverts, wholly or in part, can come and proactively advance their personal education as they feel is suitable for them. In effect, ISI is education on demand for introverts. We will be offering short courses in the following categories:

    1. Mentoring/Coaching/Training (for introverts who want to work in the field of personal development)

    2. Formal Education (training for introverted teachers)

    3. Business Studies (for introverted business owners)

    4. Money and Finances (for creating wealth)

    5. Psychology and Science (for introverts working in these fields or interested in studying these fields)

    6. Relationships (for introverts who want to be better at relating to others)

    7. General Personality type work for introverts

    8. Stress management, Health, and Healing

Our promise to our clients is simple:

    1. We will not be spamming you with excess emails about buying a product. Instead, we will forward you plenty of great content, from which you make up your own mind whether to invest in further education on that particular topic or not.

    2. We treat you with respect and with appropriate boundaries. We see every person as an equal, while understanding that not everyone’s needs can be fully met. Having said that, we will do our best to consider your suggestions and input.

    3. If an issue occurs between you and any one of our representatives, we own our own part in it and talk to you about it. We believe in addressing issues with the people involved directly without involving others in the process. We will never speak ill of our clients and members.

In the spirit of creating a global movement, there are some expectations for you as well, if you would like to be a part of the “family of thrive and help thrive”:

    1. We expect you to be proactive – always lean to the side of asking questions if something is not clear. We are only too happy to help!

    2. You will treat us with respect and see us as a resource that we are offering to the world in a spirit of harnessing the power of introverts.

    3. If an issue occurs between you and any one of our representatives, you own your own feelings around it and talk to us about it. Anyone caught bad-mouthing others within the global family will be removed from the family immediately.

Key Principles

Our company is based on the five key principles below:

1st Principle: A noble purpose

We thrive and help others thrive. We offer a space for an introverted global family to form, where perspectives, authenticity, tradition, and accuracy are celebrated. The ISI is a movement that empowers those who are ready to empower themselves. We are forming a graceful, polite and effective working environment for us all.

2nd Principle: Sensitivity to humankind

Being sensitive to humans and humankind is a core element of ISI. For people who believe that they “can”, we want to show them how to do things they always dreamed of. For people who feel that they “can’t”, we want to remind them that maybe there is a way forward. We believe that every person on this planet is equal and that your dreams are just as important as anyone else’s. There is no competition, only cooperation. Being a part of our ISI family offers you the certainty of a safe space to do your personal development. No one is allowed to belittle others, and consequences will be enforced fully if this ever happens.

3rd Principle: Efficiency of processes

We do what we can to serve those whom with we work. We make sure to do our best to match our clients and global family members with the right introvert teachers, coaches, and mentors. We also aim for efficiency in all of our client and member interactions from one-to-one communication, to making sure that the offerings we have are the right ones for them. We are always open for suggestions on how to improve our efficiency. After all, we want your experience, as the client or a family member, to be the best possible one for you. We are here to serve you in the best way possible.

4th Principle: Respect for profits

ISI is not a charity, but it may offer charitable donations to causes it deems appropriate. Some feel that profiting from personal development work is wrong or unethical. Most of our clients don’t think that way because they recognize the decades of work and effort that has gone into teachers, coaches, and mentors learning their craft and learning the lessons they are now teaching others. It takes time, skill and effort to organize information in a palatable format and to put it across in a way that is relatable for others, and this is why we don’t condemn money at ISI. ISI is a place where we can all thrive along one another under a common framework

5th Principle: Respect for our profession

As you already know, interpersonal respect is a big part of our global family and movement. We want to make sure that this respect is also extended to the evolution of our personal development industry as well as the integrity of our profession. The personal development industry is struggling to move away from hype-based marketing and selling styles, but we here at ISI want to make it a norm that no hype is needed. You will be fully in charge of your investments towards any products we have available. No other personal development company so far is employing this new approach of “client proactivity”. As we are at the forefront of this movement, we ask that you be patient with us as we navigate through this uncharted territory. The integrity of our profession as teachers, coaches, and mentors is not based on hype, it’s based on the consistent results that we offer our clients and our family members. When you align yourself with ISI, you can be sure that all teachers, coaches, and mentors are only teaching things they have first-hand experience in. We are not interested in theoretical studies, we are interested in real results.

On that note, once more, welcome to the family! It is a privilege to have you join us on this journey to thriving and seeing others thrive.

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